St George flag belongs to all English people – Cameron

By Sam Dale

David Cameron said he wants to “reclaim” the English flag from the BNP.

Speaking after a stroll through Leadenhall Market in London with mayor Boris Johnson to mark St George’s Day, the Conservative leader attacked the far-right nationalists.

“We should be reclaiming the flag from the BNP and saying the flag belongs to the English people, all of them,” said Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron also used the opportunity to slam the lower than expected growth figures, released today.

He claimed the slow growth showed Labour was too “weak” to sort out the economy.

“We need a decisive government to take the steps to get the economy moving, to deal with our debts,” he added.

The mayor of London was the first to speak, commenting on Nick Clegg’s popularity and the TV debates.

Mr Johnson said the Tory leader “walloped them around the park,” referring to the other leaders during the debates.
He continued by claiming to be “mystified” by Mr Clegg’s big growth in popularity.

“I feel some psychological thing has taken over the nation that I don’t understand,” he added.