Weston-super-Mare: Vandals target Tory posters

By Sam Dale

Weston-super-Mare’s Conservative MP is furious after vandals tore down party posters from a supporters’ gardens last night.

John Penrose said the vandalism was “childish” and “anti-democratic” as well as illegal.

Mr Penrose added: “This is all rather silly and pathetic. Tearing down posters isn’t just anti-democratic and childish, but it’s against the law too.

“I’d like to urge everyone to keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously and, if they see posters being pulled down, destroyed or someone they think is trespassing, to report it to the police immediately.”

The supporting banners were pulled down from private gardens in Locking, Banwell and Winscombe in the constituency.

The Tory MP joined with Avon and Somerset Police Chief Superintendent Kay Wozniak in urging locals to remain vigilant for anyone acting suspiciously.