Prescott not so Poplar after Tory scuffle

By staff

Conservative party members are being blamed for a scuffle involving former deputy prime minister John Prescott in east London.

A group of men wearing masks caused a disturbance as Mr Prescott visited the Labour party’s offices in Chrisp Street Market, the Wharf reported.

Prescott was unharmed as two men barged into the crowd, but a Labour source told the New Statesman that two female Labour volunteers were knocked to the ground.

“Their masks were pulled off and they are Tory council candidates,” the source said.

Mr Prescott twittered afterwards: “Expect this from BNP not Tories.”

He had been visiting the Poplar and Limehouse seat of Labour minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

Tessa Jowell, Labour’s minister for London said: “David Cameron and Eric Pickles must make a public apology for the totally unacceptable behaviour of one of their Conservative candidates.

“This kind of behaviour has no place in the democratic process. This is the kind of violent behaviour is not what we expect from a Conservative party that aspires to government.”

The Tories confirmed today the incident was being investigated, with the men involved being suspended from the party pending its outcome.

The incident may have been designed to create another ‘Prescott moment’. His instinctive jab against a member of the public who was threatening him became the most memorable moment of the 2001 campaign.