Leaders’ debate: Clegg comes out on top

By politics.co.uk staff

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was judged by viewers to have won the leaders’ election debate.

An ITV/Comres poll said 46% thought Mr Clegg did best, with Conservative leader David Cameron in second with 26% and prime minister Gordon Brown with 20%.

Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron were most trusted by 36% of those polled to make the cuts necessary in public spending, with 28% voting for Mr Brown.

The Conservative leader was top on immigration, at 37% but only two points ahead of Mr Clegg, with the prime minsiter again in third at 20%.

A YouGov poll for the Sun was even better news for the Lib Dems, giving Mr Clegg 51%, a clear majority, over Mr Cameron at 29% and Mr Brown at 19%.