Greens launch manifesto

By staff

The Green party launches its manifesto today in the city where it hopes to win its first ever parliamentary seat.

The party’s leader Caroline Lucas will present the party’s programme in Brighton, where she is tipped to take the Pavilion constituency.

She is expected to compare the Green’s manifesto with the programmes of the three main parties, calling them ‘business as usual.’

Titled ‘Fair is worth fighting for’, the manifesto will include tax changes to address inequality and include a government investment programme to create around a million new jobs and training places.

The Greens will say that a determined effort to prevent cuts to public services will result in swifter recovery from the recession, large-scale job-creation and long-term economic stability.

The manifesto will spell out a package of savings from scrapping projects like Trident, ID cards and new roadbuilding, as well as raising higher taxes on the highest incomes, to pay for the investment programme.