The odds: Tory chances improve

By staff

A few large bets and many smaller punts on the Tories saw one bookmaker cut the odds on the Conservatives winning most seats on May 6th.

Paddy Power has cut the odds on a Cameron win at the election from 1/6 to 1/7, while Labour’s odds have lengthened from 7/2 to 4/1.

Spokesman Darren Haines said: “Today there were a couple of lumpy bets on the Conservatives, one of £2,000 and one of £5,000.

“It’s been a very lively week for election betting, but it might settle down.”

Ladbrokes has also shortened its offer on the Tories being the biggest party in the next parliament while not necessarily winning overall control.

Nick Weinberger said: “A hung parliament is still popular but we have cut the price of Tories to win between 325-350 seats 11/4 to 5/2.”

Meanwhile, at William Hill, they think it is more likely that former deputy PM John Prescott will punch someone than be knighted.

“We have had to cut our odds for a Prescott punch during the campaign from 10/1 to 8/1 after his already contentious performances during campaigning in the early stages,” said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

“It looks like Mr P could be a loose cannon capable of unpredictable behaviour.”

The bookmaker is offering 20/1 on Mr Prescott being knighted in or before the next New Year’s Honour’s list.

William Hill has also cut its odds on a Tory victory. Mr Sharpe added: “Six of every ten bets we have taken since the election was confirmed have been for the Tories.”


Paddy Power

8/15 Conservative Overall majority

1/6 Conservatives Win Most seats

11/1 Labour Overall Majority

4/1 Labour Win Most seats

200/1 Liberal Democrat Overall Majority

13/8 Hung Parliament


8/15 Conservative Overall Majority

10/1 Labour Overall Majority

200/1 Liberal Democrat Overall Majority

15/8 No Overall Majority

5/2 Conservatives to win 325-350 seats

William Hill

4/7 Conservative Overall Majority

8/1 Labour Overall Majority

33/1Liberal Democrat Majority

13/8 Hung Parliament

8/1 John Prescott to punch someone during campaign

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