Polls raise Tory mood

Cameron will be relieved at the new polling results
Cameron will be relieved at the new polling results

By politics.co.uk staff

New polls published today suggest Labour's electoral recovery may be stalling.

A YouGov poll for the Sun continued to give the Tories a modest five point lead, with Labour down two on 32% and the Tories unchanged on 37%.

But an ICM poll for the Guardian gave the Tories a healthy nine point lead, with David Cameron's party up three points on 40% and Labour on 31%.

The details of the Guardian poll will make for depressing reading in Number Ten. Of those who voted Labour in the last election, just 43% think Gordon Brown is reaching out to their concerns.

But David Cameron appears unpopular as well, with just 42% of voters thinking he looks like a competent prime minister and 33% saying he would take the country in the right direction.


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