Tory lead down in the marginals

The latest polls have proved problematic for David Cameron
The latest polls have proved problematic for David Cameron

By staff

The Conservative lead has plummeted in key marginal constituencies, according to an important new poll.

The YouGov/Channel 4 poll saw the Tory lead cut down to two per cent in 60 key marginals, in which Labour took between six per cent and 14% in the 2005 general election.

The last time the poll was conducted, in February, the Tories had a seven per cent lead.

The Tories sat on 39% in today's poll, against 37% for Labour. The Liberal Democrats are on 15%, up two.

Importantly, voters also appear to be putting more trust in Labour's economic team that the Tories.

Gordon Brown personally has a three-point lead over David Cameron when respondents were asked which leader is best equipped to lead Britain out of the downturn, standing on 31%.

Thirty-four per cent of respondents also think Labour would be best for jobs, against 26% for the Tories.

The poll is the latest to point to a hung parliament at the next election.


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