BNP's biographer to take on Griffin

Nick Griffin's biographer will stand against him in Barking
Nick Griffin's biographer will stand against him in Barking

By staff

The British National party's (BNP) biographer is to stand for the Liberal Democrats against leader Nick Griffin at the general election, it has been confirmed.

A Lib Dem spokesperson said Dominic Carman, the son of legendary barrister George Carman, would be the party's candidate in Barking.

Mr Carman's unauthorised biography of Mr Griffin and his party has not been published.

"I will put it to good use in exposing Griffin beyond what's already been in the public domain," he told the Times newspaper.

"It's very important to fight a strong campaign and it will be critical to challenge Nick Griffin every step of the way. I want to make people think long and hard about voting for him in Barking. It's very, very important."

Andrew Brons, the BNP's other MEP, launched a scathing attack on the BNP's new opponent on his blog - describing Mr Carman's criticisms of the leader as "a concoction of hatred, lies, distortions and two per cent of truth".

"According to one of his scribblings, he was given rhubarb pie at the Griffin residence while supposedly interviewing the BNP leader," Mr Brons wrote.

"Yet Mrs Griffin is actually allergic to rhubarb, and that foodstuff never enters the Griffin household as a result."

Barking is currently held by Labour's Margaret Hodge, but the seat made headlines in 2005 when the BNP came third with 4,916 votes - just 27 votes behind the second-placed Conservatives.


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