‘Poll of polls’ troubles Conservatives

By politics.co.uk staff

A ‘poll of polls’ has confirmed the Conservatives are down to a single-digit lead, leading to concerns in the Tory high command.

The ‘poll of polls’ by the Independent, which weighs up the average of the polls conducted by ComRes, ICM, YouGov, Populus and Ipsos Mori, gave the Tories a nine-point lead.

The Conservatives earned 39 per cent of voters’ support, down one point on last month, Labour earned 30 per cent, up one since last month, and the Liberal Democrats remained on 19.

If replicated at a general election, the figures would give the Tories 318 seats at a general election, compared to 252 for Labour and 47 for the Liberal Democrats.

That would leave David Cameron eight seats short of a majority.

The results come a day after an ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph found the Conservatives 14 seats short of a majority in the Commons.

The continued deterioration in the opposition’s poll lead indicates the failed coup attempt against Gordon Brown did not dent his standing, while the modest economic recovery may have helped boost Labour’s poll rating.