BNP to deploy ballot box seals

BNP wants to avoid electoral fraud
BNP wants to avoid electoral fraud

By staff

The British National party is using 19th century legislation in a bid to minimise feared electoral fraud at the general election.

It has invoked the Ballot Act 1872 to give it the authority to place its own seals on ballot boxes, the BBC reported.

A spokesman said it could not trust some council staff "in the pocket of the local Labour party" to deal with the ballot boxes without interfering with them.

But he was unable to offer any proof about the allegations. The Labour party said the BNP would perform poorly at the election because of its "vile" policies, not because of a "bizarre paranoia" about the voting process.

The seals are expected to be used in Barking, where leader Nick Griffin is running, alongside Dagenham and Rainham.


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