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Chris Packham’s Wild Justice group dismissed in the High Court again

Leading rural organisations have reacted positively to the High Court’s dismissal of Wild Justice’s ‘speculative’ attempt to judicial review Defra’s most recent burning legislation in England. The attempted judicial review had sought to disrupt the Heather and Grass Burning (England) Regulations 2021 that bans heather burning on our most protected sites with peat of more… Read more »

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Lord Strathclyde will soon be giving up outside business interests
Senior Tory linked to Trafigura

By staff A senior Conservative said he is “concerned” by reports about a British trading firm he has links with, after it settled a case involving the dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast. Lord Strathclyde, Conservative leader in the House of Lords, is director of Trafigura’s hedge funds. The company came under… Read more »

Nick Clegg and Paddy Ashdown warned today that now is the 'last chance' for Afghanistan.
Lib Dems warn of ‘last chance’ for Afghanistan

By staff The Liberal Democrats have warned today that unless the UK changes its policy in Afghanistan, “failure is inevitable”. In a joint letter to The Guardian, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and former leader Paddy Ashdown, said “we lack a political plan that works. And it is far from clear that the military… Read more »