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Gordon Brown's best efforts were thwarted by fate again today

Another ugly day for Brown

The prime minister soldiered on on Wednesday despite a ministerial resignation, snubs from the President of the United States, diplomatic tension with the ruler of Libya and questions about his health.

  • Business minister Baroness Vadera will be changing role

    Business minister quits post

    Business minister Baroness Vadera will leave her post to advise on the G20 from Downing Street.

  • Fans celebrate England's recent vitory at Wembley

    The government takes on the FA

    The government found itself at loggerheads with the Football Association (FA) this morning after sports minister Gerry Sutcliff threatened to withdraw £25 million of funding unless it implemented recommendations made to it four years ago.

  • Relation are increasingly fraught between the two leaders

    Gaddafi causes trouble for Brown.again

    Gordon Brown's speech to the UN general assembly yesterday was delayed by Colonel Gaddafi, while the PM dealt with apparent snubs from the Obama camp.

  • Relations between the US and the UK are reported to be strained.

    Obama 'refused talks with Brown'

    US president Barack Obama reportedly turned down several requests from Downing Street to hold bi-lateral talks between the two parties in New York it emerged today.

  • Gordon Brown denies deteriorating health

    Brown denies ill health rumours

    Gordon Brown was forced to rebut rumours that his health was deteriorating yesterday after Charles Clarke suggested he may stand down as Labour leader due to poor health.

  • British forces in Northern Ireland

    Anger as Bloody Sunday inquiry delayed again

    The interminable wait for the conclusions of the Bloody Sunday report has been extended once again after Lord Saville of Newdigate announced he would not be able to meet his deadline.

  • Gordon Brown showing his lighter side

    Mandy yearns for Brown razzmatazz

    Peter Mandelson has called on the prime minister to lighten up by revealing more of his "razzmatazz".

  • Gordon Brown spoke to the UN general assembly last night.

    Brown sets out stall at the UN

    Gordon Brown gave a largely unsurprising speech to the UN general assembly last night, setting out his key foreign policy objectives ahead of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh and the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen.

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