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Parliament is primed for rebellion today

Chaos in Westminster as MPs vote on expenses

Chaos reigned over Westminster today, as sudden government manouvres threatened to turn the expenses debate into a laughing stock.

  • Gurkha campaigners outside parliament last week

    Gurkhas defeat for government

    The Commons has backed a Liberal Democrat motion opposing the government's' policy on the Gurkhas, in a "historic" defeat for defence ministers.

  • Alistair Darling insisted public investment was necessary

    Darling denies Budget irresponsibility

    Alistair Darling insisted an "extraordinary series of events" was behind his decision not to balance the Budget before 2018 in an evidence session to MPs this afternoon.

  • Afghanistan strategy shifted

    Reinforcements for Afghanistan forces

    Gordon Brown has told MPs Britain's approach against the Taliban will shift towards its border areas with Pakistan, as he announced 700 more troops will be sent to Afghanistan this year.

  • Gordon Brown takes on David Cameron in this week's PMQs

    PMQs: As-it-happened

    Review this week's unusual - and Gurkha-dominated - PMQs here.

  • Tamil hunger striker 'close to death'

    Parliament hunger-striker 'close to death'

    A Tamil protestor on hunger strike in Parliament Square could die within the next few days, doctors have warned.

  • Consultation: Phil Hope will receive the first responses in person

    Autism consultation launched

    The government launched a new consultation on autism today by having five people with Autism Spectrum Conditions deliver the first responses in person to care services minister Phil Hope.

  • Crisis: Charity calls for care reform

    Charity calls for urgent action on care

    The government is facing a "care crisis" unless it conducts a radical reform of the care system to support the growing number of older people needing care, a charity warned today.

  • Sri Lanka refusing to allow ceasefire

    Miliband pleads for Sri Lanka ceasefire

    David Miliband is in Sri Lanka today seeking to persuade the Colombo government to temporarily cease fighting with the Tamil Tiger rebels.

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