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An image from a G20 meltdown poster

London in lockdown as G20 beckons

London has gone into lockdown ahead of what Scotland Yard is describing as the most challenging public order operation it has ever devised.

  • Obama will meet Brown for first UK visit

    London G20: Brown's timetable

    Gordon Brown will today kick off a round of meetings with world leaders as they begin their descent on the Capital in preparation for crisis talks at the G20 on Thursday.

  • Gordon Brown addressed an audience at St Paul's Cathedral in London

    G20 to agree global banker bonus rules

    This Thursday's G20 summit will see world leaders agree international rules governing bankers' bonuses, Gordon Brown has said.

  • Darling's change of heart will please credit strapped businesses

    Darling U-turns on business rates

    Alistair Darling has today scrapped controversial plans to raise business rates by five per cent, opting instead for a smaller two per cent increase.

  • Devastation in Gaza

    What next for Gaza?

    Articles for by Israel and Palestine's leading advocates within the Labour party published today show just how badly recent fighting has hit hopes for peace in the Middle East.

  • Jacqui Smith, home secretary

    Smith's anti-porn policies highlighted

    Jacqui Smith's role pushing through anti-porn laws has been highlighted now she is embroiled in a scandal involving adult movies.

  • MPs receive pay rise

    MPs receive pay rise

    MPs will receive a 2.33 per cent pay rise from April 1st, bringing their parliamentary pay up from £63,291 to £64,766.

  • Nationwide saves Dunfermline

    Nationwide saves Dunfermline

    Dunfermline Building Society is to be rescued by Nationwide, the Bank of England confirmed this morning.

  • David Cameron and Barack Obama

    Cameron gets his Obama time

    David Cameron has been given half an hour with American president Barack Obama during his trip to the UK for the G20 summit this week.

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