Truss’ fate to be decided at deselection meeting

By Lauren Knott

A Conservative PPC will attempt to avoid deselection tonight as she faces party members who claim she misled them over her affair with a Conservative MP.

Elizabeth Truss, the Tory parliamentary candidate for South West Norfolk, allegedly covered up her affair with Tory MP Mark Field and may now face de-selection as a result.

Ms Truss was chosen by Conservative party members last month to represent the constituency in the upcoming election after incumbent Christopher Fraser MP announced his intention to stand down due to his wife’s ill health.

Shortly afterwards however, details of her affair with Mr Field emerged.

Party members claim they had been misled and that the affair should have been discussed, even though it had taken place five years ago.

Ms Truss, who denies she hid the information from her voters, has the support of the Conservative party’s leadership, notably David Cameron.

Last month, Norfolk Conservative agent Ian Sherwood told the Telegraph that he believed feelings had “hardened” towards Ms Truss.

Today, however, he was unwilling to comment.

The meeting will begin at 19:00 GMT with the presentation of a motion for Ms Truss’ deselection.