Cameron asked to clarify mortgage situation

By staff

David Cameron has been asked to provide documentation explaining why he decided to repay £218.96 in mortgage interest on his constituency home.

The Tory leader paid back the money in June, together with £728 for a wrongly claimed electricity bill and a staff phone, as he attempted to spearhead the Conservative response to the expenses scandal.

He blamed an “inadvertent administrative error” for the mortgage claim.

“Right from the start I said MPs needed to pay back money,” he told journalists today.

“I’ve had a letter. It doesn’t raise any new issues.

“It asks for one particular mortgage statement, which I will provide. But of course if any further request is made I’ll obviously meet it and meet it straight away.”

The statement came on a day of high drama in Westminster as it transpired all three party leaders received letters from Sir Thomas Legg.

The letters fall into three categories. Either they call on the MP to pay back money, or to explain their situation, or they clear them of wrongdoing.

Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg fell into the first category, while Mr Cameron fell into the second.