E.ON cancels Kingsnorth

By Liz Stephens

Energy giant E.ON has delayed plans to build the controversial new coal fire plant in Kingsnorth it was revealed today.

In a major blow to the government’s plans to develop ‘clean’ coal technology (where fossil fuels are burnt and the emissions stored underground), the company have postponed the project.

Environmental campaigners have claimed a major victory against a plant which has become a symbol of worldwide concern over carbon emissions.

A statement released by E.ON said: “We can confirm that we expect to defer an investment decision on the Kingsnorth proposals for up to two to three years.

“This is based on the global recession. we remain committed to the development of cleaner coal and carbon capture and storage”.

Climate Camp, who held a week-long demonstration outside the power station in 2008 hailed the decision as a big victory for the environment.

“Obviously it’s brilliant news. It’s an excellent example of ordinary people getting involved to save the planet,” a spokesperson told politics.co.uk.

“We don’t need any new coal plants damaging the environment and we’re glad that E.On have shelved their plans for Kingsnorth.”

Other environmental groups were celebrating the decision this morning.

Andy Atkins, director of Friends of the Earth said: “Plans to build this power plant have seriously undermined the UK’s credibility on climate change ahead of crucial talks in Copenhagen.

“The government must now show real leadership and say no to all new coal plants which aren’t fitted with 100 per cent carbon capture and storage from day one.

“The UK has one of the best renewable energy resources in Europe, but our record on developing green energy is a national disgrace.”

Kingsnorth Climate Action and Dartford Liberal Democrat campaigner James Willis called the decision “a local victory for people power which has today forced a multinational power company to shelve plans to bring on stream this huge old fashion Coal Dinosaur.”

Meanwhile, Conservative shadow climate change secretary Greg Clark said: “This latest news underlines the chaos in Labour’s energy policy. At a time when the government is predicting power cuts by 2017 its plans for new capacity with carbon capture and storage are disintegrating.”

Climate Camp are planning a “swoop” against an existing coal fire plant of E.ON’s at Ratcliffe-on-Soar on October 17th and 18th.