Supreme Court will hear terrorism case

By Liz Stephens

The newly opened UK Supreme Court will hear a terrorism case as its first appeal this week.

The case, involving five men suspected of financing terrorism, will be heard by seven Supreme Court justices.

The five suspects, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are challenging financial orders freezing their bank accounts and requiring them to apply to the Treasury for living expenses.

Anyone offering them financial assistance is also liable to be taken to court.

It has been alleged that over 50 people living in the UK are currently under such Treasury sanctions.

The men claim the measures breach their human rights because they have not been convicted of funding terrorism.

Their lawyers say the asset-freezing is illegal and, although introduced in 2006, they have never been scrutinised or approved by parliament.

A high court judge ruled last year that the measures were “unfair”.

It is the first case to be heard at the new £59 million Supreme Court building, which replaces the judicial role of the House of Lords.