Cameron opens arms to Sun readers

By Alex Stevenson

A delighted David Cameron says he hopes “deeply patriotic” Sun readers will back his party at the general election.

The tabloid newspaper dramatically abandoned its support for the Labour government yesterday after Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour party’s conference in Brighton.

In response to the Sun’s endorsement, Mr Cameron gave the red-top an interview in which he made a direct appeal to its readers.

“The Sun is an important national newspaper. You have millions of readers,” he said.

“They go to work every day, they work very hard, they want to do the best for themselves, their families and their communities. They, like me, believe in self-reliance and responsibility.

“They are deeply patriotic about this country. They have an incredible regard for our Armed Forces. These are the values that I have and that Sun readers have.”

Mr Cameron revealed in his interview he plans to establish a ‘war Cabinet’ committee focusing on the conflict in Afghanistan.

He made ten pledges including doubling magistrates’ sentencing powers from six months to a year and cutting corporation tax “to create jobs”.

But his main focus remained on the economy, which he said would require a “great national effort” to overcome.

“The people will have to come together under strong national leadership and come out the other side with a strong economy and we will be living within our means and we can start getting peoples’ taxes down again,” he said.