G8 prepare for climate talks, but Obama T-shirt dominates

The CND image is famous world-wide
The CND image is famous world-wide

By Ian Dunt

World leaders at the G8 summit are preparing for crucial talks on climate change, but media attention has concentrated on the T-shirt worn by president Obama's daughter this morning.

His eldest daughter, Malia, was spotted emerging from an ice cream parlour sporting a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) T-shirt with the infamous symbol for nuclear disarmament printed on it.

Coming just days after her father successfully confirmed a reduction in America and Russia's nuclear arsenal, the T-shirt is being treated as a political statement by the Obama camp, especially given the media-savvy character of the new administration.

Meanwhile, the President was preparing to chair a key session of the summit in the earthquake ravaged city of L'Aquila, in Italy.

Yesterday, the G8 agreed to set new targets for limiting global warming and climate emissions.

Britain leads the field in environmental action, and Gordon Brown is expected to push for similar measures to those adopted by the UK government, which includes an 80 per cent cut in the UK by 2050 and a 50 per cent global reduction.

But developing nations appear reluctant to sign up to any restriction, having played little part in the emergence of the problem.

Today, the G5 emerging nations join discussions, bringing Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa into the picture.

But development groups berated the meeting as "illegitimate".

Deborah Doane, director of the World Development Movement said: "The G8 has no legitimacy, but it is making decisions on climate change and trade that will have disastrous effects on the world's poorest people. This injustice is palpable and the G8 should be left for dead."

G8 leaders said yesterday they would aim to limit global warming to just 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial levels.


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