Cameron: Brown is deceiving you

By Ian Dunt

Tory leader David Cameron has launched a strongly worded attack against the prime minister, stopping just short of branding him a liar.

Mr Cameron repeatedly questioned the truth of many of Gordon Brown’s comments, especially on the economy during his monthly press conference.

At one point a journalist asked the Conservative leader if he was calling Mr Brown a liar.

“I’ve always tried to use my words carefully but there seems to be a huge amount of deceit,” Mr Cameron said.

“He persists with this line of saying public spending is going up when public spending is actually going down. He’s got to account for the facts.

“In the end the truth will out and this will fall apart. What the prime minister is calculating is that the public are too stupid to notice this. He thinks that just by saying ’10 per cent cuts’ enough that will get through to the public.”

The comments mark a low point in the personal nature of the attacks between Mr Brown and Mr Cameron, who are known to privately dislike each other as much as they do in public.