Support grows for ‘dog ID cards’

By Ian Dunt

A parliamentary motion calling for the mandatory microchipping of dogs with information about their identity is receiving increased support in parliament.

Michael Foster has become the latest MP to support an early day motion which calls for the microchipping “as a means of reducing the huge numbers of strays and. to promote responsible pet ownership”.

Animal rights groups want the dogs tagged at the point of sale so that strays do not have to be returned to the council.

Once a pet is sent to the council, it will be destroyed if owners do not think to contact them.

“Just the other day I was driving to work when a little dog raced in front of my car,” Mr Foster said.

“Fortunately I avoided hitting it and when I caught the poor animal it was clearly distressed and appeared to have run out of its home and got lost.

“But it had no name tag so I was forced to call the council to come and collect it. If it was microchipped it could then have easily been scanned and returned to its owners.”

The Dogs Trust, RSPCA and several other animal charities already microchip all dogs at the point of adoption.