Tory expenses go online

By Ian Dunt

Conservative expenses will all appear online, starting today.

Davod Cameron confirmed the system was now in place in a speech to party members in Perth.

“This moment is dangerous but vital,” he said.

“Will ours, the mother of all parliaments, fall deeper into ridicule and contempt?

Follow this link to access the Tory expenses document

“Too many MPs from all parties made expenses claims that simply didn’t stand up to public scrutiny,” he continued.

“I don’t care if they were within the rules. They were wrong.”

Mr Cameron has instigated a series of internal reforms to the party.

Many Conservatives have already repaid excessive claims – at Mr Cameron’s insistence – and some will have to appear in front of a Conservative committee scrutinising expenses claims.

In a patriotic and impassioned speech designed to stop Scottish voters opting for the Scottish National party (SNP) during the upcoming local and European elections, Mr Cameron said: “Together we are stronger.”