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Grayling talked tough on benefit cheats
Tories outline tough new job rules

A Conservative government would end the “something for nothing culture” of the welfare state, shadow work and pensions secretary, Chris Grayling has said. In his speech to conference delegates Mr Grayling said tackling Britain’s broken society was not a job that could be done by politicians alone and could only be achieved with a big… Read more »

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Grieve says police need less paperwork
Tories promise to support have-a-go-heroes

Shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, has said a Conservative government would do more to help people and the police deal with crime. In his speech to the Conservative party conference Mr Grieve said the Tories would back have-a-go-heroes and restore the link between communities and the police. Mr Grieve said confidence in the police was… Read more »

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