Archive of 14 August 2008

President Bush's speech yesterday marked a new stage in the conflict

Foreign Office firm as ceasefire crumbles

The Foreign Office is putting all its efforts into maintaining the Russian-Georgian ceasefire, despite reports of Russian tank movements towards Poti, a port close to where US humanitarian ships are set to dock.

  • 'No such thing as Cameronism'

    'No such thing as Cameronism'

    David Cameron does not have a "coherent political philosophy" according to the director of thinktank Demos.

  • What does Cameron believe in?

    Comment: What does Cameron believe in?

    How fickle friends can be in the world of politics. Once described as David Cameron's favourite think tank, the Conservative leader could hardly wait to distance himself from Policy Exchange yesterday.

  • Michael Gove set up Policy Exchange

    Backlash against regeneration report grows

    The backlash against a report which called for people to move from poor northern cities to London has triggered a massive backlash from the Conservative party, which has close links with the thinktank which produced it.

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