Archive of 11 August 2008

Francis Maude

Tories preparing for government

The Conservative are stepping up their preparations for government with a session on transition to Downing Street at the party's forthcoming conference.

  • Thaksin Shinawatra

    Former Thai PM praises 'English democracy'

    The former prime minister of Thailand has vowed to stay in England, where "democracy is more important".

  • Boris: The first hundred days

    Boris: The first hundred days

    No-one quite knew what to make of Boris Johnson's electoral victory one hundred days ago. Was it the triumph of his personality over that of the only other man in British politics recognisable by his first name - Ken Livingstone? Or was it a symbol of the sturdy approach of a Conservative government, taking first the capital and then the country? Plenty of people in the media believed it represented the victory of conservative common sense over metropolitan multiculturalism.

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