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David Miliband leadership controversy continues

Controversy swirls around Miliband

Senior figures continuing to support Gordon Brown have hit out at foreign secretary David Miliband, whose equivocal responses to leadership challenge queries has riled No 10.

  • Who is David Miliband?

    Analysis: Who is David Miliband?

    When asked which politician they would rather go on a date with, more British gay men picked David Miliband than anyone else. David Cameron came second.

  • Ivan Lewis adds to calls for change

    Lewis adds to Labour calls for change

    Health minister Ivan Lewis has added his voice to criticisms of the prime minister, telling a newspaper Gordon Brown must return to the tactics of "bold Labour".

  • MPs and pers are at logerheads over the attorney general

    Parliament at war over attorney general controversy

    MPs and peers on the same committee are issuing briefings against each other today over reforms to the role of the attorney general, with a cross party group of rebels saying their colleagues are "letting the government off the hook".

  • Internet needs regulation, say MPs

    Internet needs regulation, say MPs

    Internet companies need to establish a body which can regulate goings-on on the web, a committee of MPs has said.

  • International students to be fingerprinted

    International students to be fingerprinted

    Foreign students coming to the UK will be forced to provide the government with their fingerprints and prove they are sponsored by a recognised education institution, under new government guidelines announced today.

  • Tories beefing up poll results

    Tories beefing up poll results

    The Conservatives have been caught manipulating media reports of David Cameron's popularity by getting party workers to beef up poll results.

  • Brown digging himself a hole?

    Comment: So much for Brown's holiday

    If Gordon Brown thought he was going to be able to relax on his holiday this year he has been sorely disabused of such a fanciful notion this morning.

  • Govt 'blocking mercenary regulation'

    Govt 'blocking mercenary regulation'

    The government has been accused of blocking attempts to regulate private security contractors operating in war zones around the world, despite recent incidents showing mercenaries killing indiscriminately in Iraq.

  • The lords gave their verdict this morning

    High court overturns Saudi-BAE ruling

    The high court has overturned a previous ruling against the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), saying in a 5-0 judgement it acted lawfully in cancelling a corruption investigation into an arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

  • Take innocents' DNA off database, says citizens' inquiry

    Call to remove innocents from DNA database

    A special citizens' inquiry into the national DNA database has called on the government to take innocent people's DNA off the database and place control over it to an independent statutory authority.

  • Mr Clegg's wants to make the most of Labour's woes

    Lib Dems focus on shattering Labour

    The Liberal Democrats have focused their campaigning activity on Labour, hoping to take advantage of the party's crippled position in the face of electoral weakness and internal feuding.

  • Law lords to rule on whether a police force breached the human rights of a witness shot dead

    Court to rule on witness murder case

    Law lords are expected to rule later today on whether a police force breached the human rights of a witness shot dead before he could give evidence at a trial.

  • Mr Stringer has come out against the PM

    Labour rebellion growing steadily

    Labour plotting against Gordon Brown is continuing to grow slowly but steadily with the news another backbench MP from the north-west has joined Gordon Prentice in calling for the prime minister to step down.

  • Social deprivation to be addressed by Conservatives

    Tories seek to reunite "divided cities"

    Britain's "broken society" is one where "fairness is in danger of being forgotten", Chris Grayling has warned.

  • Too close a friendship?

    Analysis: Labour and the unions

    Labour's summit with its trade union backers was overshadowed by leadership speculation and accusations of a return to the 1970's, when strikes paralysed the country.

  • Number 10 Downing Street has a new inhabitant

    Confusion reigns over who is running the country

    The Labour party's disarray over its future seems to have infected the machinery of government, with contradictory messages emanating from Number 10 about who is running the country while Gordon Brown is on holiday.

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