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Nearly £10 million is owed in congestion fees

US owes London £2.3 million in congestion charge fines

American diplomats owe London £2.3 million in outstanding congestion charge fines, it has been revealed.

  • Ms Spelman's political future looks bleak

    Spelman affair reaches breaking point

    The affair over payments to Carline Spelman's nanny from the public purse reached what looked like the point of no return last night as her former secretary, Sally Hammond, was revealed to have complained about the matter at the time.

  • One in five lesbian and gay people in Britain victim of homophobic hate crime

    British gay and lesbian people victim of hate crime

    One in five lesbian and gay people in Britain have been a victim of one or more homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years.

  • UK biosecurity laboratories still liable to outbreaks of highly-dangerous pathogens, MPs claim

    UK 'in danger of biosecurity outbreak'

    There is still a risk to the UK of outbreaks of highly-dangerous pathogens due to a lack of investment in biosecurity, an influential committee of MPs has said.

  • Not such good news for Gordon Brown

    Tories increase lead to 20 per cent

    Support for the Labour government took another knock today, with a poll published in the Guardian giving the Conservatives a six-point swing.

  • Zimbabwe's cricketers banned by UK government

    Govt acts against Zimbabwe

    The government has announced economic sanctions against Zimbabwe and a ban for the country's cricketers, matching its rhetoric with actions as pressure on Robert Mugabe continues to build.

  • British homes must be made more flood-resistant: Sir Michael Pitt

    Govt flood response 'totally unacceptable'

    An independent report into last summer's flooding has today called for British homes to be made more flood-resistant.

  • No single official to blame, review says

    'No fingerpointing' over HMRC data loss

    The loss of 25 million people's data by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) last year cannot be blamed on any one official, a review has revealed today.

  • Brown and Cameron will clash again today

    PMQs as it happened

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