Archive of 5 June 2008

The home office still faces a difficult time passing the measures

MPs reject 42-day amendment

An influential group of MPs and peers has rejected the government's assurances about its amendments to the 42-day pre-charge detention proposals.

  • Gordon Brown lowers knife prosecution age

    Brown acts on knife crime

    Gordon Brown has responded to growing public concern over knife crime by lowering the minimum age teenagers can be prosecuted for carrying knives from 18 to 16.

  • The BBC was accused of unfairly targeting Polish immigrants

    Tory MP slammed over race jibe

    Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski has been criticised by Labour's Denis MacShane following comments ascribing all "controversial" immigration to people from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

  • Penal reform groups are attacking the plans

    Titan prison plans published

    The government's plans for a new generation of 'Titan' prisons capable of holding 2,500 prisoners have been published in a consultation document.

  • Mr Blair continues to defend his successor

    Blair: It's not Brown's fault

    Tony Blair has urged voters not to lay the blame for the state of the economy at the door of prime minister Gordon Brown.

  • Private school education even more popular

    Private schools gain momentum

    The drift towards private schools in Britain's education system is quickening, with new research showing more parents would prefer to get their children out of the comprehensive system.

  • Head of UK armed forces called on above-inflation pay rises for servicemen and women

    Dannatt calls for raised army pay

    The head of the UK army has described low pay for servicemen and women as the most important challenge facing the army at present.

  • Tony Blair was questioned by MPs earlier today

    Blair worried by Middle East violence

    The situation on the ground in Israel and the Gaza Strip must improve before progress can be made towards a peace agreement, Middle East envoy Tony Blair has told MPs.

  • Giles Chichester forced out

    Tory MEP leader resigns

    Giles Chichester, leader of the Tory MEPs, has resigned from his position following controversy over his financial dealings.

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