Archive of 10 June 2008

Women still earn less than men in the UK

Women's groups slam government over equal pay

Trade unions and women's rights groups are calling on the government to take drastic action against unequal pay this morning.

  • The union is cutting ties with MPs who do not share its values

    Union cuts Labour funding

    The GMB union will cut funding to up to 35 of the Labour MPs it sponsors, blaming them for betraying Labour values.

  • The cabinet were unusually frank

    Cabinet turn on Brown

    Gordon Brown's cabinet colleagues made a series of unflattering assessments of the prime minister last night.

  • The bill will now have a second reading

    Climate change bill pulls through

    The government's climate change bill - the first of its kind in the world - pulled through its first reading in the Commons yesterday despite coming under fire from environmentalists and sceptics.

  • The statistics will increase pressure on the government to do something about pensioner poverty

    822 pensioners a day fall into poverty

    Three hundred thousand pensioners have fallen into poverty over the last year, the government has revealed.

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