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New school targets will 'monitor teenage pregnancy'
New school targets will ‘monitor teenage pregnancy’

Schools may be held accountable for teenage pregnancy rates under new government plans to improve pupils’ wellbeing. According to the Guardian newspaper, a leaked discussion document from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) moots the idea of making schools accountable for 18 new targets, such as bullying, obesity, and pupils’ actions after leaving… Read more »

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Alex Salmond's plans for independence are not shared by the electorate
Just ‘one in five’ Scots in favour of independence

A new poll has shown that only one in five Scots are in favour of political independence from the UK. Labour’s plans for devolved government saw Scotland given its own parliament in 1998 though the UK parliament retains the power to increase or reduce the legislative might of Holyrood. But since the Scottish National Party,… Read more »

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