500,000 young people 'trapped in no-win situations'

Half a million teenagers in no-win situation
Half a million teenagers in no-win situation

New charity Catch 22 says around 500,000 young people in Britain are trapped in no-win situations.

Catch 22, which is launched today, has been set up to help the thousands of youngsters in crises because they are out of school, out of work, without stable homes or caught up in the cycle of crime.

Joyce Moseley, its chief executive, said: "We are here to help young people to live somewhere safe, learn, earn a living, steer clear of crime and become involved in their community."

Moseley explained his charity aimed to work with the government "to make sure the right resources reach the right people in the right places".

Catch 22 will work with around 34,000 young people in over 100 locations and aims to help troubled youths who are expelled from school without any qualifications, carry knives for protection or simply leave home and can't cope.

It was formed when youth organization Rainer and crime prevention charity Crime Concern merged

According to Catch 22 there are 50,000 young homeless people in Britain and there are 470,000 ten to 25-year-olds classed as prolific offenders, around 60 per cent of whom have a serious drug or alcohol problem.


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