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The demonstration took place in Canary Wharf on Halloween

Anarchists 'dancing on capitalism's grave'

A range of anti-capitalist and anarchist groups have gathered in Canary Wharf for a Halloween party to "dance on capitalism's grave".

  • Five year delay in child violence cases

    Five year delay in child violence cases

    Revelations of 5 year delays in human rights cases, some of which include violence towards children, were met with anger by MPs and lords on the Joint Select Committee on Human Rights today.

  • UN peacekeepers in the Congo

    Miliband on his way to Congo

    Foreign secretary David Miliband is flying out to the Congo this afternoon to help tackle the violence engulfing the region.

  • Appealin' Sarah Palin

    Palin's vote-winning looks

    Sarah Palin's good looks could give the Republican ticket a welcome boost on November 4th, research suggests.

  • UK drug abuse worst in Europe

    UK drug abuse worst in Europe

    Britain has the highest level of problem drug use and the second highest level of drug related deaths in Europe, according to a report by the independent UK Drug Policy Commission.

  • Climate amendments enrage green groups

    Climate amendments enrage green groups

    Recent amendments to the energy bill have incensed environmentalist groups who say the legislation is unclear, unplanned, and would not insure the introduction of a feed-in tariff scheme.

  • The emergency response programme is trained to deal with extreme situations

    Terrorist response units facing setbacks

    Terrorist response units for the fire and rescue services are facing budget and timing setbacks, according to a report published today by the National Audit Office (NAO).

  • John Baron with Douglas Hern, John Lowe and  Jeff Liddiatt of the BNTVA, veterans minister Kevin Jones and Ian Gibson MP

    MoD confirms nuclear investigation

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed an investigation into the effects of British nuclear tests on the descendants of the servicemen who conducted them.

  • Teens 'bored of boredom'

    Teens 'bored of boredom'

    Teenagers have blamed the lack of activities available to them in their local area for their lazy lifestyle habits, a survey out today suggests.

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