Public backs EU referendum challenge

No EU referendum - yet
No EU referendum - yet

Public opinion is behind a legal challenge to the government's failure to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, a poll suggests.

According to YouGov 65 per cent of the public think Labour has broken its promise to hold a referendum on the abortive EU constitution, which collapsed after being rejected by French and Dutch voters.

The government has refused to give its predecessor, the watered-down Lisbon treaty, a similar test of public opinion because it argues it is different from the constitution.

Others, including the Conservative party, have insisted their similarities mean a referendum should have been held.

According to today's YouGov survey 51 per cent believe a referendum should take place.

Stuart Wheeler, who is challenging the government on the issue through a judicial review, told the Sun newspaper: "This underlines the fact that the vast majority of the public believe the government has broken its promise."


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