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Official figures reveal almost £1/2m spent by government departments on Christmas festivities since 2002

Whitehall Xmas costs revealed

Official figures show almost half a million pounds has been spent by government departments on Christmas festivities in the last five years.

  • Former prime minister Tony Blair converts to Catholicism at London ceremony.

    Blair converts to Catholicism

    Former prime minister Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism, a statement from the head of Britain's Catholic congregation confirms.

  • Prostitution ban 'would cut' demand for trafficking

    MPs back prostitution ban

    There is all-party support for criminalising men who buy sex, a former Europe minister said last night.

  • The Schengen agreement expands to include 24 countries

    EU Schengen agreement expanded

    The EU's Schengen agreement allowing passport-free travel for non-EU citizens has been expanded to include nine more countries from today.

  • CPS will review all LCN DNA evidence in ongoing cases

    CPS to review DNA evidence

    All cases where prosecutors are using low copy number (LCN) DNA evidence to pursue a conviction are being reviewed by the crown prosecution service (CPS).

  • Clegg does not believe in god

    Clegg: 'No' belief in God

    Less than two days into the Lib Dem leadership, and Nick Clegg has won most media attention for his comments on religion rather than his policy proposals.

  • Chris Grayling attacks pension U-turn

    Pensions U-turn 'betrays' women

    Millions of women will now lose out on their full state pension after the government quietly reneged on a deal that would have allowed them to access full payment.

  • Gordon Brown has come under attack from the Tories over the failures

    PSA target systems 'flawed'

    Only half the data systems used to measure progress on the government's public service agreement (PSA) targets are fit for purpose, according to the National Audit Office (NAO).

  • Gordon Brown 'not supporting' ministers

    MPs 'too loyal to criticise Brown'

    MPs are "appalled" by some of Gordon Brown's speeches but are too loyal to criticise the prime minister, a former home secretary has claimed.

  • Asylum backlog: 16,000 deported

    Tories: 'Stealth asylum amnesty'

    The government has been accused of operating a stealth asylum amnesty after it emerged just three per cent of a backlog of cases have been deported.

  • Redwood angers anti-rape campaigners

    Redwood: Date rape different to stranger rape

    John Redwood has set himself at odds with the Conservative party's commitment to tackling sexual violence against women by insinuating date rape is not as serious as stranger rape.

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