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Candidates 'out of control'

Brown rebukes 'off message' deputies

Gordon Brown has reprimanded his potential deputies for rearing "off message" after the Tories claimed Labour was lurching to the left.

  • Will Brown scrap ID cards?

    Calls for Brown to confirm ID card future

    Gordon Brown has been called upon to confirm his position on ID cards, amid increasing Westminster speculation he will abandon the government's controversial scheme once prime minister.

  • Cameron promises to out-Blair Brown

    Tories are 'heirs to Blair'

    The Conservatives have positioned themselves as the natural heirs to Tony Blair, pledging to continue the Labour leader's reforms of hospitals and schools.

  • Sctoland's first minister claims Tony Blair has not called him

    Salmond: No contact from Blair

    Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, has revealed neither Tony Blair nor Gordon Brown have contacted him since he was elected first minister.

  • Labour deputy candidates are expressing substantial differences of opinion

    Labour contenders set for TV debate

    The six contenders for deputy leader of the Labour party have agreed to meet in a televised debate with Jeremy Paxman on tonight's Newsnight programme.

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