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Salmond claims referendum is "reversible"

Independence isn't an experiment, Blair warns

The prime minister has warned Scots there will no be going back if they vote for independence, and told the next Scottish government to focus on the issues that really matter to people.

  • Fertiliser plotters linked to July 7th bombers

    Reid rejects July 7th investigation

    The home secretary John Reid has rejected calls from opposition politicians for a full inquiry into the intelligence surrounding the July 7th terrorist attacks after it emerged two of the bombers were monitored by MI5 but not identified as potential terrorists.

  • Cameron looking to gain in local elections

    Labour could lose the south

    Labour is braced to lose as many as 500 councillors in the forthcoming local election, as even Tony Blair concedes the party are facing a "tough time" mid-term.

  • Eurofighter jets were part of the deal

    Dropping Saudi inquiry caused 'severe damage'

    The government's decision to drop a fraud inquiry into a multi-billion pound defence deal with Saudi Arabia may have caused "severe damage" to the UK's reputation as a corruption-fighting country, MPs have warned.

  • Mr Reid is yet to rule himself out of the leadership race

    Reid says Labour will not be "fractured"

    The home secretary John Reid has insisted that the Labour party will not become "fractured" after current leader Tony Blair steps down.

  • Meacher agrees to cooperate with McDonnell.

    Brown's rivals to coordinate leadership bid

    Michael Meacher has confirmed either he or John McDonnell is prepared to withdraw their bids for the Labour leadership in order to present a united leftist challenge to Gordon Brown.

  • Holyrood set for Lib Dem-SNP coalition?

    Labour still optimistic as SNP near power

    Despite a consistent poll lead for the SNP, the Labour leader Jack McConnell has insisted there is still "all to play for" ahead of next week's Scottish election.

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