Government bid for sensible New Year's Eve drinking

Ten-point plan urges moderate drinking
Ten-point plan urges moderate drinking

The government has issued a ten-point plan for responsible drinking in a bid to encourage revellers to consume alcohol in moderation this New Year's Eve.

The guidelines represent the first such initiative by the government as it moves to counter the perception of antisocial drinking.

Recommendations from ministers include alternating alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water, eating before drinking and sticking to smaller measures.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said: "For many of us New Year's Eve will be the biggest party of the year and having a few drinks is all part of the fun.

"But it is worth remembering that when things go wrong and people get hurt reckless alcohol consumption has often played a part."

He continued: "I want to remind everyone who is planning a night out tonight about practical tips for safer drinking.

"Taking a few simple precautions can ensure that a fun night out stays that way."

The recommendations form part of the government's Know Your Limits campaign, which is specifically targeted at younger drinkers.

The Home Office was keen to counter claims the initiative represents an overly paternalistic, if not futile, attempt by the government to regulate people's drinking habits during the festive season.

A department spokesperson said: "Have fun but stay safe is the message. Around half of all violent crime is alcohol-related and one in three reported rapes happen when the victim has been drinking.

"Eight out of ten pedestrians killed on Friday and Saturday nights have been drinking."

The guidance to New Year's Eve revellers recommends they:

  • Eat before drinking
  • Choose lower-alcohol beers
  • Set a drinks limit and stick to it
  • Alternate alcohol with water or soft drinks
  • Do not buy rounds
  • Do not get pushed around
  • Keep track of what they have consumed
  • Use more mixers to dilute alcohol
  • Drink smaller measures
  • Plan their journey home


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