Archive of 14 December 2007

Jacqui Smith faces yet another report condemning her 42-day proposal

Govt 'must drop' 42-day limit

The government should abandon its renewed proposal to detain terror suspects for 42 days without trial, a group of MPs and peers has said.

  • Second FMD outbreak same as first

    Defra denies failure to contain FMD

    The government's claim to have swiftly contained the first outbreak of foot and mouth disease has been cast into doubt.

  • Fall in deaths following contact with police

    Fall in police-linked deaths

    The number of deaths linked to contact with the police has fallen over the past year, the Independent Police Complains Commission (IPCC) revealed today.

  • Northern Rock could be nationalised

    "All options open" for Northern Rock

    The government was last night reportedly drawing up a rescue plan to nationalise Northern Rock after hopes of finding a private buyer appeared to have stalled.

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