Archive of 18 January 2007

David Cameron leads shadow cabinet for meeting in Scotland

Tories head north to woo Scots voters

David Cameron is taking the shadow cabinet to Scotland today, as the Conservatives unofficially kick-off their campaign for May's Scottish elections.

  • People are increasingly offsetting the pollution from flights

    New carbon offsetting guidelines launched

    People wanting to offset the carbon emissions produced when they go on holiday will be able to judge suppliers on a new government code of conduct published today.

  • Tessa Jowell announces BBC's licence fee settlement

    BBC licence fee up 3%

    The BBC television licence fee will go up by three per cent for each of the next two years, culture secretary Tessa Jowell has announced.

  • Peter Hain says US is most right-wing government in living memory

    Blair meets Condi amid cabinet criticism

    Tony Blair will today meet with Condoleezza Rice in London, just hours after a cabinet minister criticised the US government as the most-right wing in living memory.

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