Brown threatens tougher stance on Darfur

Brown calls for sanctions
Brown calls for sanctions

Gordon Brown has threatened tougher sanctions against Darfur if it is unable to cease the ongoing conflict.

The prime minister held talks with his French counterpart this morning and the two leaders promised to work together to bring stability to the region.

Mr Brown warned Darfur has become the "greatest humanitarian disaster of our generation" and it is "important action is taken urgently."

Mr Brown and French president Nicolas Sarkozy will push for a UN resolution to bring African Union and UN forces into the region.

Mr Brown said he and President Sarkozy may visit the region after a UN resolution has been passed. The pair have devised a "plan of action" to bring peace and prosperity to the region.

Foreign secretary David Miliband and his French counterpart will also shortly visit the region to assess the situation on the ground. They will call for an immediate ceasefire and cessation of violence.

The UK is keen to offer the Sudanese regime an incentive to bring about stability. Mr Brown said he will commit to "significant investment" to help economic recovery and reconstruction of Darfur.

But in a carrot and stick approach, Mr Brown warned the UK was prepared to push for further sanctions if the Sudanese regime does not cooperate.

In prime minister's question time this week, Mr Brown agreed Darfur had become a "moral stain" on Africa.

Since the conflict began in 2003, two million people have been displaced and four million are facing famine.


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