Brown raises £110,000 to run non-campaign

Gordon Brown’s leadership campaign attracted more than £110,000 in donations, the Electoral Commission has revealed.

But with no contender for the Labour leadership position, the donations have been used to fund Mr Brown’s public appearances across the country.

The donations far exceed the funds generated by the Labour leadership hopefuls, who are fighting a six-way race.

Justice minister Harriet Harman had to borrow £10,000 to fund her campaign. Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain, at one point considered a favourite for the deputyship, has received £77,000 from supporters.

The majority of Mr Brown’s backing came from a select number of private donors, branded a “small clique” by a Conservative party keen to accuse the chancellor of cronyism.

Lord Bhattacharyya donated £25,000. The Labour peer is head of the Warwick University Manufacturing Group, which Mr Brown visited as part of his campaign.

The longstanding Labour peer Sir Sigmund Sternberg donated £10,000, Paul Myners £9,700, Lord Gavron and Lord Leitch £5,000 each and John Miskelly donated £2,000.

The union Community contributed £10,000 and Caparo Industries donated £25,000.

The advertising company Abbot Mead Vickers also gave £9,800 in kind to design posters, and the Co-operative party has provided a car and driver worth £1,270.

The Conservatives have accused Mr Brown of cronyism, pointing out some of his donors have previous links to government. Paul Myners, Lord Leitch and John Miskelly have all been appointed to senior positions on independent reviews.

Mr Myners was re-appointed chairman of the Tate last month by Tony Blair. He is also chair of the Low Pay Commission, which advices on the minimum wage, and chair of the Guardian Media Group.

Conservative shadow minister Chris Grayling said Mr Brown is “incapable of breaking with the culture of cronyism”, despite claiming he wants a new type of politics.

“The reality is that many of these donors have been appointed to government posts by Gordon Brown and are now paying the chancellor back,” Mr Grayling said.