Baker: Scientist Kelly was murdered

Norman Baker claims David Kelly was probably murdered
Norman Baker claims David Kelly was probably murdered

Government scientist Dr David Kelly was unlikely to have committed suicide, according to new claims from a Liberal Democrat MP who has been investigating the death.

Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, has said that the government's assertion that Dr Kelly committed suicide does not "hold water" in the face of the evidence available.

While the Hutton inquiry into the scientist's death concluded that he had died from incisions to his wrist, Mr Baker claimed that neither the medical nor psychological evidence backs this verdict.

Instead, the MP asserted that weapons expert Dr Kelly was likely to have been murdered, although he ruled out any involvement of the British government and added that he had a small number of potential explanations.

Speaking to GMTV, Mr Baker remarked: "I've concluded in my mind, beyond reasonable doubt as it were, that it's impossible for the suicide explanation to hold water."

"[As] it wasn't obviously natural causes or an accident, then you're driven to the conclusion that it must have been some sort of murder," he concluded.

Mr Baker's claims precede the broadcast of a BBC2 documentary entitled The Conspiracy Files tonight at 21:00 GMT, which will examine the evidence behind Dr Kelly's demise.

Dr Kelly was a crucial witness behind claims that the government had 'sexed up' its intelligence dossiers in the case for war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. He was found dead on July 17th 2003 close to his home in Oxfordshire, having said that he intended to go for a walk.


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