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John Reid says the treaty is integral to fighting international crime

Senate ratifies extradition treaty

The US senate today ratified a transatlantic extradition treaty that had already been law in Britain for four years.

  • David Cameron is due to give his maiden leader's speech at tomorrow's conference

    Telegraph poll: Cameron support ebbing

    The popularity of the Conservative party leader David Cameron with the electorate is slipping, a poll published in the Daily Telegraph has today suggested.

  • NHS IT upgrade system rocked by withdrawal of key contractor Accenture

    NHS IT upgrade dealt another blow

    Opposition parties last night raised doubts about the £6.2 billion project to upgrade IT in the NHS after a key contractor pulled out.

  • The deputy prime minister confirmed he would quit within a year

    Prescott says sorry to Labour members

    John Prescott has apologised to Labour delegates for his behaviour over the last few months - and announced he will quit as deputy leader when Tony Blair resigns.

  • The home secretary said Britain 'will never be brow-beaten by bullies'

    Reid stands tough on terror

    John Reid today raised the odds that he might stand as Labour leader when he set himself out as a strong and powerful leader at the party conference in Manchester.

  • The Northern Ireland and Wales secretary is a contender for the deputy leadership of the Labour party

    Hain pushes his deputy leadership claim

    Peter Hain today stepped up his campaign for the deputy Labour leadership with a call for members to target the Conservatives in next May's Welsh elections.

  • A leaked report states the Iraq war has helped fuel extremism

    Iraq war helped 'recruit extremists'

    The war in Iraq has acted as a "recruiting sergeant" for extremists, and radicalised Muslims across the world, a report for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has found.

  • Health secretary Patricia Hewitt's reforms have been controversial with some Labour delegates

    Labour rebels over NHS reforms

    Labour activists today defied the party leadership to back a highly critical motion condemning NHS reforms and the sell-off of NHS Logistics.

  • Scotland Yard have confirmed the investigation into the deputy prime minister has been dropped

    Police drop Prescott probe

    John Prescott's stay at the ranch of the Texan billionaire bidding to open a super-casino at the Millennium Dome will not be investigated by police, Scotland Yard said today.

  • Tony Blair defends his foreign policy at the Labour party conference

    Blair: My foreign policy was right

    Tony Blair today promised to dedicate his last few months as prime minister to work for a Middle East peace deal, as he sought to justify his foreign policy to his party.

  • Delegates in Manchester get tearful over Tony Blair's final conference speech

    Activists praise a 'speech of a lifetime'

    Tony Blair's final Labour conference address as party leader was described as "the speech of a lifetime" by delegates in Manchester today.

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