Blair seeking job with purpose

Tony Blair wants a job with "a real purpose to it" next year
Tony Blair wants a job with "a real purpose to it" next year

Tony Blair has said he wants a job with "a real purpose to it" after he steps down as prime minister next year.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Chris Evans, the prime minister said following his decade in office he would be seeking something else that motivated him.

"I think the single thing for me that is most important is that whatever I do afterwards it has a real purpose to it, that it is not just about doing a job," Mr Blair said.

"This is a position that once you have occupied it you have done something that has what I call a real life purpose to it, now you may do it badly, you may do it well, some people like you, some people hate you, all the rest of it, but you have got a real motivating life purpose.

"And certainly in anything I wanted to do afterwards I want to have, it would be a different purpose but similar in its motivation."

The prime minister also had some tips for whoever follows him into office - including donning a Santa suit this winter.

"I would say [as prime minister] you have got to live with all the media stuff day in, day out, but don't get obsessed by it and just realise that you are there to be knocked," he advised.

"Know what it is you really want to achieve and focus on that the whole time and don't get side-tracked; and above all I think realise that it is a tremendous privilege and honour to do it, and however difficult it is ... you should never feel anything other than an acute sense of privilege in doing it."

As for what potential candidates should be doing right now, Mr Blair advised them to enjoy their last Christmas without the responsibility of leading the country.

"[Put on a Santa suit] or you know the fact is it is easier to go and have a good relaxing time with your family and so on," he said.

In September Tony Blair said he would resign as prime minister inside a year, and with May marking the tenth anniversary of his premiership many are predicting this will be the date of his departure.

Gordon Brown is widely tipped to succeed Mr Blair, however left-winger John McDonnell has declared he would stand against Mr Brown, if only in the interests of democracy to prevent an outright coronation.

Earlier this week Conservative leader David Cameron called for a general election after Mr Blair steps down, while Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell said his party was preparing for one as early as 2007.


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