Women turning Tory

Sex appeal - women prefer Cameron to Blair or Brown
Sex appeal - women prefer Cameron to Blair or Brown

Female voters in the UK prefer David Cameron's Conservatives to the Labour party, a Populus poll for The Times has revealed.

The new survey of voters' opinions, undertaken last weekend, also reveals the Tories fare less well among men.

Labour and the Conservatives are level on 34 per cent of male votes, but the Tory party holds a six point lead among female voters.

This translates into a three percentage point lead overall for Mr Cameron's party, with The Times poll showing the Conservatives unchanged on 36 points. The Labour party were down two points to 33 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats were up two points to 20 per cent.

This is the fourth consecutive month the Conservative party has led with 36 per cent of the vote, but this is still not an election-winning position.

However, Mr Cameron's lead among women grows still further when voters were about their opinions if Labour were led by Gordon Brown and not Tony Blair.

In this scenario men prefer Labour 37 per cent to 34 per cent while women opt for Mr Cameron's Tories 42 per cent to 30 per cent.

Overall this means Mr Cameron's lead over a Labour party led by Mr Brown has fallen from 42 per cent to 34 per cent last month to a 38 per cent to 34 per cent lead now.

However, the reduction in Tory support comes as voters switch to the Liberal Democrats with the potential Labour vote unchanged.


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