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The parole board has taken a tougher approach to granting parole to prisoners
Half as many prisoners released on parole

The number of life prisoners released on probation has fallen drastically in the past year, figures from the parole board reveal. Today’s statistics show a fall of nearly half in the number of prisoners in England and Wales granted parole – of the 901 who applied only 106 were released early. The board said it… Read more »

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Tony Blair said the conviction of Saddam Hussein has given us the chance to reflect on the brutality of his regime
Blair: Saddam sentence a chance to reflect

The prime minister said the conviction of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity provides an opportunity to reflect on progress since the dictator’s regime ended. The former Iraqi leader was yesterday sentenced to death by hanging, and although he and his co-defendants have the right to appeal – this is not expected to be successful…. Read more »

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