Archive of 3 November 2006

National Audit Office warns of armed forces overstretch

Armed forces understaffed by 5,000

There are 5,000 fewer people in the British armed forces than they need, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned.

  • Peter Hain says Gordon Brown is now the most likely choice for Labour leader

    Brown is Blair's 'natural successor'

    Gordon Brown is unlikely to face any serious opposition for the Labour leadership when Tony Blair steps down, a cabinet minister has acknowledged.

  • Royal Mail group chief executive Adam Crozier is at the top of the public sector rich list

    Tories condemn 'mad' public sector pay

    The Conservatives have condemned top public sector salaries as "crazily out of kilter" as new figures show the top 171 executives are earning an average of £260,000 each.

  • Geoff Hoon says EU needs Turkey and western Balkan members

    EU 'incomplete' without Turkey

    The European Union would be "incomplete" without Turkey and western Balkan countries such as Croatia and Macedonia, Geoff Hoon said last night.

  • Defra says no ban on cod after new fishing report warns of declining stocks

    Minister rejects cod fishing ban

    The government has insisted it will not ban cod fishing to tackle the decline in stocks, warning it would mark the end of the UK's fishing industry.

  • Tony Blair urges pupils to study science at school

    Science 'will change the world'

    Britain must become a more "scientifically literate society" if it is to remain competitive and tackle key challenges such as climate change, Tony Blair urged today.

  • Chief inspector of prisons warns of failures behind foreign prisoner row

    Foreign prisoner row due to 'chronic failure'

    The foreign prisoner scandal that toppled Charles Clarke was merely a symptom of a "chronic failure" of the prison and immigration services, a damning new report warns.

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