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David Cameron presses Tony Blair on crisis in Darfur
Cameron presses Blair on Darfur

David Cameron abandoned the usual Punch and Judy battle at prime minister’s questions today to demand the government take action on the crisis in Darfur. The Conservative leader visited the war-ravaged Sudanese region earlier this week and told MPs that anyone who went there “cannot fail to be horrified by what they see and what… Read more »

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Margaret Beckett says British troops could leave Basra next spring
Troops could leave Basra ‘by spring’

British troops could hand over control of the Iraqi town of Basra by next spring, the foreign secretary has announced. Margaret Beckett said progress in the country, where about 7,000 British troops are deployed, “gives us confidence” that Iraqi forces could take over in the southern city. Her comments in the House of Commons this… Read more »

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